Ace the Digital SAT In Under 6 Weeks

You will be taught years of SAT tricks, techniques, and practices to get your dream digital SAT score in under 6 weeks!

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Program Curriculum

What's in the Program?

Features 01
Week 1


  • Take a practice digital SAT so we can see your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 2-3 tutoring sessions (will establish meeting frequency)
  • Review DSAT math and reading course to learn brand new skills to IMMEDIATELY increase your score
  • Utilize for daily DSAT practice and calculate your current projected score with the help of AI
  • Features 01
    Weeks 2 & 3

    Learning Advanced SAT Techniques + Heavy Practice

  • Learn advanced DSAT math & reading techniques
  • Take DSAT math practice exams and mini reviews
  • Take DSAT english practice exams and mini reviews
  • Go through live practices with your tutor to get firsthand experience on the BEST approaches for a variety of DSAT problems
  • Features 01
    Week 4

    Rehearsing Your New Skills

  • Recreate the DSAT notes by yourself (yes, that's how good you will be)
  • Create a day-before, day-of checklist for DSAT
  • Improve current weaknesses and reinforce strengths in preparation for upcoming exam
  • Additional 1:1 meetings to walkthrough hard, module 2 DSAT problems and adaptive practice exams
  • Features 01
    Week 5 & 6 (if necessary)

    Extra Practice, Practice, and More Practice

  • Multiple review sessions where the tutor will make sure you have little to none weaknesses.
  • Constant review of ALL tricks, tips, and techniques you have learned up to this point to improve your score 200+ points!
  • Create a day-before, day-of checklist for DSAT
  • Take partial DSAT with your tutor
  • One-time payment


    Make a one-time payment to gain exclusive access to my mentorship program.

    One-time payment of

    • Multiple weekly 1:1 calls for personalized guidance
    • Exclusive access to Digital SAT notes, courses, and AI-learning platform
    • Direct 24/7 assistance
    • Learn the very best DSAT problem-solving methods
    • 100% refund if no improvement is shown
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    Here's what other's have to say

    — “He's a great tutor...really improved my score. He's worth giving a shot for sure."
    — “Ritesh Verma has raised the bar for the test prep industry... he describes the intricate details that are crucial for success on the SAT that many major test preparation companies won't unravel."
    — Working with Ritesh and his team helped improve my digital SAT score by 280 points in 5 weeks which was really crazy. I did not know I had that in me but Ritesh and the tutors gave me the confidence and knowledge. Super thankful!

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